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I was born in 1967 in the southern of Kurdistan. Originally trained as a chemistry teacher at Mosul University in Iraq. I have been interested in art when I was young and since then it has been my passion. In 1990 I exhibited some drawings at the university of Mosul like a solo exhibition. They were most drawings where I had been using pencil, ink pen and colored ballpoints.

I fled to Denmark at the end of 1996 and first in Sandholm asylum camp had at that time a work place where you could draw and paint. I took the opportunity and used the workshop diligently and it ended in an exhibition in the workshop. Later in 2012 I exhibited some of the drawings from 1996, two art buses, and it had was a success.

In 2013, I really decided to get involved in developing my love of ink. I still try to develop and find new techniques to achieve satisfactory results. In my drawings, I express different topics, trying to find a personal expression by dashes, ink stains and shapes.

Sometimes a work is born after a long consideration, another times it happens at the moment the pen or ink spots moving across the white paper. Nonetheless, I prefer to make a composition of different selected elements, making every effort to create a result that can catch your immediate attention. In our lives, we place extra emphasis on certain things and therefore we go into the details, things we imagine more superficially. Accordingly, there are some surfaces in the drawings, in which I give details, trying to go into depth, while other surfaces are outlined without much detail.

In some of my drawings I seek to involve the Kurdish font so that the text is related to the content of the image. I usually download texts from poems, songs, sayings and I think that the use of characters gives an extra beauty and meaning to a piece of art. On the whole, I think it's inspiring for me to give life to infuse life into the characters and show their beautiful graphic shapes, that become more and more beautiful, the more you look at them.




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